About Platform

Take advantage of the solution

ebigdata.eu is a platform created to develop Industry 4.0. It is a place where every entrepreneur can easily reach for free consultant support. The expert will help define needs, choose the technology or contractor, and support the implementation of the solution. The Industry 4.0 platform is also a place to consolidate all entities
that can offer solutions for entrepreneurs.
ebigdata.eu cooperates with Digital Innovation Hubs, technology providers in a practical dimension. Enables contact with specialists in the field of artificial intelligence.


  • a straight path to a free meeting with a consultant
  • source of information on the possibilities of implementations in the company
  • presentation place for the recipient
  • trainers’ base for your employee
  • programming support for analytical departaments and R&D teams
  • datascientist4you support of experts
  • obtaining advice on solutions Industry 4.0
  • coordination of the entire digital transformation project from financing to implementation and supervision

Stages of implementing activities with an entrepreneur